All the delights of Wudon served in a noodle pail for you to enjoy at home.

Wee plates of joy

Enjoy as a starter or create your own oriental ‘tapas–style’ feast with 2-3 wee plates and a side dish.

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Teriyaki Salmon £6.00

Grilled salmon fillet drizzled with teriyaki sauce

Ming Har Kwok £6.00

Crispy king prawn dumplings served with sweet chilli sauce (x4)

Dai Ha Tempura £6.00

Deep fried king prawns in a light batter served with tempura sauce (x4)


Warteeps £5.00

Grilled soft dumplings of pork, king prawn & shitake mushroom (x3)

Teriyaki Beef £6.00

Slices of marinated sirloin beef with teriyaki sauce

Ap Soong £6.00

Finely chopped duck with crispy vermicelli noodles to be rolled in iceberg lettuce

Gai Yik £5.00

Crispy marinated chicken wings drizzled with teriyaki sauce (x3)

Ga Lay Kwok £5.00

Crispy triangles filled with chicken, potato & onion in a mild curry sauce (x4)

Tori Tempura £5.50

Strips of chicken in a light batter served with tempura sauce


Saw Choi Warteeps(v) £5.00

Crispy dumplings of veggies (x4)

Pak Choi (v) £5.00

Crunchy white stalks with green leaves in garlic sauce

Yeap Lam Goong (v) £4.50

Vermicelli noodles with Chinese veg rolled in crispy pastry & served with a garlicky vinaigrette (x2)

Saw Choi Tempura (v) £5.00

Aubergine, sweet potato, mushroom & asparagus in a light batter served with tempura sauce

Hoi Cho Salad (v) £4.00

Seaweed salad topped with sesame seeds & fresh chilli


Japanese Miso (v) £3.50

Light soya bean broth with seaweed, tofu & straw mushrooms

Seafood Tom Yum £5.00

Spicy, tangy broth with Japanese fishcake, king prawns & squid

Simply Sushi

Choose from a wide selection of Nigiri (hand formed sushi rice), Gunkan (sushi rice wrapped in seaweed) and Maki (sushi rolls).

Nigiri (Hand formed Sushi Rice) 2 pieces

Tamago (v)- Japanese omelette £3.00

Teriyaki Beef - Grilled sirloin beef £3.50

Unagi - Marinated eel £3.80

Ebi Tempura - King prawn tempura £3.50

Asparagus Tempura (v) £3.10

Inari (v) - Sweet tofu pouch £2.60

Temaki (Hand rolled cone) 1 piece

California - Crabstick, avocado, Japanese omelette & tobiko £4.00

Roasted Eel - Eel, cucumber & eel sauce £4.00

Ebi Tempura - King prawn tempura, cucumber & mayo £4.00

Sake - Salmon, cucumber & kimchi sauce £4.00

Maki (Sushi rolls) 4 pieces

Kappa (v) - Cucumber or avocado £2.50

California - Crabstick, avocado & Japanese omelette rolled in fish roe £4.10

Tori Katsu - Chicken in breadcrumbs with mild curry sauce £4.00

Tori Kimchi - Chicken with spicy sauce deep fried in a light batter sprinkled with spring onion £4.10

Honey Floss - Chicken & salad rolled in pork floss served with a honey, lemon & mustard dip £4.10

Caterpillar - King prawn tempura with green bean, layered with avocado £4.50

Fantastically Fresh & Raw Sushi

An exciting selection of fresh salmon and tuna, such as Sashimi, Nigiri and Maki Sushi. Try our Eye of the Tiger, Fire Cracker, Dragon Maki and Japanese Rose.


Sake Sashimi £5.90 (4pc)

Slices of salmon

Sake Nigiri £3.50 (2pc) 

Layered with salmon

Sake Maki £3.30 (4pc) 

Filled with salmon

Eye of the Tiger £5.50 (4pc)

Avocado & tamago layered with salmon topped with tobiko

Fire Cracker £5.50 (4pc)

Salmon & apple in spicy kimchi sauce rolled in tempura flakes & chilli pepper

Dragon Maki £5.30 (4pc)

King prawn tempura layered with salmon & sprinkled with sesame


Maguro Sashimi £6.50 (4pc)

Slices of tuna

Maguro Nigiri £3.70 (2pc)

Layered with tuna

Maguro Maki £3.50 (4pc)

Filled with tuna

Golden Koi £5.50 (4pc)

Tuna in chilli mayo rolled in sesame & topped with shredded sweet potato

Moshi Maki £5.70 (4pc)

King prawn tempura rolled in sesame, layered with avocado & tuna drizzled with mayo & eel sauce

Yumi Maki £5.50 (4pc)

Chopped tuna in chilli mayo with cucumber & avocado

Brimming broth noodle bowls

Our home-made broths are made using authentic ingredients and served with fresh noodles. These hearty meals are not only delicious, but are full of goodness, so slurp away!

Goma Miso Ramen

Thin egg noodles in a sesame & peanut flavoured miso broth served with a half hard boiled egg, babycorn, Japanese fishcake & seaweed

Chicken £9.50 | Sirloin beef £10.50 | Salmon £10.50 | King Prawns £10.50

Tom Yum Udon

Thick white noodles in a spicy tangy broth flavoured with lemongrass, lime & chilli served with a half hard boiled egg, straw mushrooms, mangetout & babycorn

Chicken £9.50 | Sirloin beef £10.50 | Salmon £10.50 | King Prawns £10.50

Katsu Ramen

Thin egg noodles in a spicy peanut satay broth served with a half hard boiled egg, green beans, Japanese fishcake & beansprouts with your choice of meat coated in Japanese breadcrumbs 

Chicken Katsu £9.75 | Pork Katsu £9.75 | King Prawn Katsu £10.50

Magnificent fried noodle plates

Our chefs’ wok fry fresh noodles with oriental flavours to create simply delicious dishes

Classic Udon

Thick white noodles wok fried with beansprouts, peppers, carrots, onion, spring onion and fresh chilli flavoured with Kikkoman soy

Chicken £9.50 | Sirloin Beef £10.50 | Salmon £10.50 | King Prawn £10.50 | Mixed Seafood £11.00 | Tofu (v) £9.50

Thai Red Curry Ramen

Thin egg noodles wok fried with green beans, baby corn, beansprouts, straw mushrooms in a spicy curry sauce flavoured with coconut milk & lemongrass

Chicken £9.75 | Sirloin Beef £10.75 | Salmon £10.75 | King Prawn £10.75 | Mixed Seafood £11.25

Black Bean Ramen

Thin egg noodles wok fried with onions, peppers, fresh chilli in a black bean& garlic sauce

Chicken £9.75 | Sirloin Beef £10.75 | Salmon £10.75 | King Prawn £10.75 | Mixed Seafood £11.25 | Tofu (v) £9.75

Tremendous rice dishes

Whether it’s boiled or fried rice, these dishes are very tasty and enough to satisfy the biggest appetite!

Katsu Ga Lay Fan

Your choice of meat coated in Japanese breadcrumbs served with mild curry sauce on a bed of boiled rice

Chicken £9.50 | Pork £9.50 | King Prawn £9.50 | Veggie (v) £9.50


Grilled meat on a bed of veggies with a sweet & savoury teriyaki sauce served on a sizzling plate with garlic fried rice

Chicken £12.00 | King Prawn £13.00 | Sirloin Beef £14.00

Sweet Chilli

Lightly battered chicken pieces, salmon fillet or king prawns in a sweet chilli sauce served on a bed of boiled rice

Chicken £10.00 | Salmon £10.50 | King Prawn £10.50

Hoi Seen Chow Fan £12.00

Egg fried rice with spring onion, king prawns, squid, eel & fish roe

Chow Fan

Your choice of meat (veg option available) egg fried rice with fresh chillies, spring onion, carrots & peppers

Chicken £9.50 | King Prawn £10.50 | Sirloin Beef £10.50 | Veggie (v) £9.50

Big & beautiful tossed salads

Ideal as a light healthy option with plenty of greens tossed in a fresh and exotic dressing.

Wu Wu Chicken £8.50

Grilled chicken with tofu pieces, tomato, beansprouts, sweetcorn & salad leaves tossed in a creamy peanut dressing finished with croutons & sesame seeds

Mai Thai King Prawn £9.00

King prawns with cucumber, vermicelli noodles, salad leaves & coriander tossed in a chilli dressing served with a wedge of lime

Mango Gone Nuts (v) £8.50

Shredded mango with cucumber, apple, carrots & salad leaves topped with crushed peanuts served with a soy & sesame dressing on the side

Super sides & extras

Have as an addition to wee plates, noodle bowls or rice plates.

Super sides & extras

Giant Prawn Crackers £3.00

Edamame Beans with Sea Salt(v) £3.25

Japanese Boiled Rice (v) £2.50

Egg Fried Rice (v) £3.00

Garlic Fried Rice (v) £3.25

Wok Fried Noodles (Ramen or Udon)(v) £3.60

Japanese Curry Sauce (v) £1.60

Sweet Chilli Sauce (v) £0.60

Fresh Chilli / Wasabi / Pink Ginger (v) £0.60

Dreamy desserts

Finish your meal with something sweet and delicious.

Coco Banana £5.50

Crispy banana coated in coconut & breadcrumbs served with vanilla ice cream & syrup

Hot Chocolate Rolls £5.50

Nutella chocolate wrapped in pastry served with coconut & chocolate chip ice cream

Japanese Ice Cream £3.50

Green Tea or Black Sesame(your choice of 2 scoops)

Ice Cream £3.00

Double Cream Vanilla or Coconut & Chocolate Chip (your choice of 2 scoops)

Dorayaki £5.50

Warm Japanese pancakes sandwiched with a sweet lemon custard filling served with vanilla ice cream

Mochi £3.70

Two frozen Japanese desserts made of sticky glutinous rice filled with Razuberi (raspberry) or Chokoreto (chocolate) (your choice of flavours)


A selection of teas and coffees are available to takeaway.


Green tea

Sen Cha £2.50

Intensely rich and smooth Japanese green tea

Gen Mai Cha £2.50

Japanese green tea combined with roasted brown rice

Oolong Orange £2.70

Green oolong tea combined with refreshing blood orange

Jasmine Pearls £2.90

Hand rolled young green tea buds scented with fresh jasmine blossoms

Flowering tea

Dragon Blossom £3.30

Green tea beautifully hand tied around a large chrysanthemum under an arch of jasmine blossom and globe amaranth

Black tea

Chocolate Chai £2.70

Aromatic assam tea with cocoa shells and spices

White tea

White Melon £2.90

Famous Pai Mu Tan white tea flavoured with fragrant cantaloupe melon


Cappuccino (Double Shot) £2.30

Flat White (Double Shot) £2.30

Americano (Double Shot) £2.10

Latte £2.10 Espresso £1.50

Macchiato £1.80

Extra Shot £0.50

Hot Chocolate (with cream and marshmallows) £2.50

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