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Choose from a wide selection of Nigiri (hand formed sushi rice), Gunkan (sushi rice wrapped in seaweed) and Maki (sushi rolls).

Crafted by our expert sushi chefs.

Nigiri (Hand formed Sushi Rice) 2 pieces

Tamago – Japanese omelette £3.00

Teriyaki Beef - Grilled sirloin beef £3.50

Unagi – Marinated eel £3.80

Hotate – Grilled scallop £4.50

Ebi tempura – King prawn tempura £3.50

Asparagus Tempura (v) £3.10

Inari (v) – Sweet tofu pouch £2.60


Gunkan (Sushi rice wrapped in seaweed) 2 pieces

Tobiko - Orange fish roe £3.50

Ebi Kimchi – King prawns & cucumber with a spicy sauce £3.50

Kani Mayo – Crabstick with mayo £3.20

Maki (Sushi rolls) 4 pieces

Kappa (v) – Cucumber or avocado £2.50

Salad (v) – Carrot, asparagus, babycorn & salad £4.00

California – Crabstick, avocado & Japanese omelette rolled in fish roe £4.10

Unagi Kappa – Eel & cucumber rolled in fish roe £4.40

Tori Katsu – Chicken in breadcrumbs with a mild curry sauce £4.00

Tori Kimchi – Chicken with spicy sauce deep fried in a light batter sprinkled with spring onion £4.10

Honey Floss - Chicken & salad in a honey, lemon & mustard mayo, rolled in pork floss £4.10

Caterpillar – King prawn tempura with green bean, layered with avocado £4.50

Soba Ebi Tempura – King prawn tempura with green tea noodles deep fried in a light batter £4.50

Ramen Tempura (v) – Green beans, red pepper with ramen noodles deep fried in a light batter £4.50

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