We have an amazing range of teas on our menu, as well as coffees and cocktails.

Tea & coffee


Green tea

Sen Cha £2.50

Intensely rich and smooth Japanese green tea

Gen Mai Cha £2.50

Japanese green tea combined with roasted brown rice

Oolong Orange £2.70

Green oolong tea combined with refreshing blood orange

Jasmine Pearls £2.90

Hand rolled young green tea buds scented with fresh jasmine blossoms

Flowering tea

Dragon Blossom £3.30

Green tea beautifully hand tied around a large chrysanthemum under an arch of jasmine blossom and globe amaranth

Black tea

Chocolate Chai £2.70

Aromatic assam tea with cocoa shells and spices

White tea

White Melon £2.90

Famous Pai Mu Tan white tea flavoured with fragrant cantaloupe melon


Cappuccino (Double Shot) £2.30

Flat White (Double Shot) £2.30

Americano (Double Shot) £2.10

Latte £2.10 Espresso £1.50

Macchiato £1.80

Extra Shot £0.50

Hot Chocolate (with cream and marshmallows) £2.50


Tarty Wu £5.80

A sweet & sour match of vodka, raspberry liqueur, amaretto topped with lemonade

Manga £5.80

An exotic cocktail of vodka, lychee liqueur and mango with a hint of ginger

Lychee Blush £5.80

A fruity concoction of lychee and raspberry liqueur, gin and guava juice

Dreamy Nog £6.30

Creamy ice cream shaken with dark rum, bourbon and spices

Mint-Umber £6.30

Refreshing mint, cucumber and lime with gin and topped with ginger beer

The Rosie £6.50

Delightful berries muddled and shaken with rosé wine and orange liqueur

Ginger Ditch £6.30

A subtle fusion of fresh ginger, orange and rum topped with ginger beer

Lychee & Lemongrass Martini £6.30

Zesty lemongrass with lychee bols and gin

Raspberry Lemondrop Martini £6.50

Juicy raspberries with Chambord, gin and lemonade

Kentucky Old Fashioned £6.75

A classic using Jim Beam, orange zest, sugar and bitters

Soft drinks


Irn Bru, Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Soda, Ginger Beer £1.70

Sparkling or Still Mineral Water (330ml) £2.00

Fruit juice

Orange Juice £1.90

Apple Juice £1.90

Lychee Juice £2.10

Mango Juice £2.10

Pink Guava Juice £2.10

Ice cream shakes

Black Sesame & Banana £3.30

Green Tea & Honey £3.30

Coconut, Choc Chip & Peppermint £3.30

Iced drinks

Lemon Ice Tea £2.50

Green Ice Tea £2.50

Bottled beers


Bottled beers (330ml)

Asahi (Japanese) £3.50

Singha (Thai) £3.50

Tsing Tao (Chinese) £3.50

Tiger (Singaporean) £3.50

Spirits & liqueurs


Smirnoff Vodka £3.00

Gordon’s Gin £3.00

Cointreau £3.00

Disaronno £3.00

Jim Beam £3.00

Dark Rum £3.00


Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Tonic £1.20



Plum wine

Hakutsuru – Japan

This wine is characterized by its refreshing semi-sweet, sour taste & well matured aroma from selected Japanese plum

  • Bottle £19.95
  • Large Glass (250ml) £6.90
  • Small Glass (175ml) £5.20
  • Spritzer (with soda) £5.70

White wine

Pinot Grigio, Calusari – Romania

Lovely, opulent Pinot Grigio with flavours of pear, grapefruit and peach

  • Bottle £15.95
  • Large Glass (250ml) £5.80
  • Small Glass (175ml) £4.50

Sauvignon Blanc/Gros Manseng, Coin de Coquins – Languedoc, France

A blend of fresh, citrus Sauvignon Blanc and richer peachy Gros Manseng, a great combination

  • Bottle £17.95
  • Large Glass (250ml) £6.20
  • Small Glass (175ml) £4.70

Rosé wine

Cinsault Rosé, Pierre et Papa – IPG Pays d’Herault, France

A light and refreshing Rosé bursting with red fruits, lychee and green apple

  • Bottle £16.95
  • Large Glass (250ml) £5.90
  • Small Glass (175ml) £4.70

Red wine

Pinot Noir, Calusari – Romania

Light, soft and juicy; welcoming aromas of autumn fruits

  • Bottle £15.95
  • Large Glass (250ml) £5.80
  • Small Glass (175ml) £4.50

Baronie Coraldo, Merlot, IGT, Baglio Gibellina – Sicily, Italy

Lots of red berries, cinnamon and cloves, warm, smooth and delicious

  • Bottle £18.95
  • Large Glass (250ml) £6.60
  • Small Glass (175ml) £5.20


Prosseco, Spumante, DOC, Passaparola, Pradio – Italy

A delicious sparkler with aromatic pear and succulent apple flavours followed by a crisp and delicate finish

  • Bottle £23.95



Ozeki – Japan (180ml) £5.50

Dry & delicate on the palate with a full–bodied flavour & well balanced aroma. Served chilled or warm in a traditional ceramic holder

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