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We're open for take away! Enjoy our wee plates of joy, noodle and rice dishes, kid's meals, sushi, dreamy desserts and drinks at home. Call for pre-order collection Tuesday-Sunday 4-9pm (pre-order online or order by phone from 3pm).

£10 Special Offer Meal Deal

Available Tuesday-Thursday for a limited time only!

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Katsu Ga Lay Fan Meal Deal 10.00

mealdeal.jpgChicken or Vegetable Katsu Ga Lay Fan

Japanese Fries

Can of Coca Cola or Diet Coke

£10 Summer Sushi Offer

Available Tuesday-Sunday

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Summer Sushi Set (16pc) 10.00

summer-sushi.jpgFreshly prepared 16 piece sushi set includes:

Fire cracker, Dragon Maki, Sake Maki, Kappa Maki

Served with wasabi, pink ginger and soy

Wee plates of joy

Enjoy as a starter or create your own oriental ‘tapas–style’ feast with 2-3 wee plates and a side dish.

Edamame Beans with Sea Salt (vegan) 3.50

Thai Spicy Prawn Crackers *NEW* 2.50

Japanese Fries (vegan) 3.50

Crispy fries coated in a chilli & garlic seasoning

Warteeps 5.00

Grilled soft dumplings of pork, king prawn & shitake mushroom (x3)

Saw Choi Warteeps (vegan) 5.00

Crispy dumplings of veggies (x4)

Ming Har Kwok 6.00

Crispy king prawn dumplings served with sweet chilli sauce (x4)

Teriyaki Beef 6.00

Slices of marinated sirloin beef with teriyaki sauce

Ap Soong 6.00

Finely chopped duck with crispy vermicelli noodles to be rolled in iceberg lettuce

Salt & Chilli Chicken *NEW* 5.00

Lightly battered chicken pieces wok fried in peppers, onion, garlic and chilli

Dai Ha Tempura *NEW* 6.00

Deep fried kingprawns in a lightbatter served with tempura sauce (x4)

Saw Choi Tempura *NEW* (vegan) 5.00

Aubergine, sweet potato, mushroom & asparagus in a light batter served with tempura sauce

Sweet Chilli Broccoli *NEW* (vegan) 5.00

Battered broccoli florets coated in a sweet spicy sauce

Magnificent wok fried noodle dishes

Our chefs’ wok fry fresh noodles with oriental flavours to create simply delicious dishes

Classic Udon

Thick white noodles wok fried with beansprouts, peppers, carrots, onion, spring onion and fresh chilli flavoured with Kikkoman soy

Chicken 9.50 | Beef 10.50 | King Prawn 10.50 | Tofu (vegan)  9.50

Black Bean Ramen

Thin egg noodles wok fried with onions, peppers, fresh chilli in a black bean& garlic sauce

Chicken 10.00 | Beef 11.00 | King Prawn 11.00 | Tofu 10.00

Thai Red Curry Ramen *NEW*

Thin egg noodles wok fried with green beans, baby corn, beansprouts, straw mushrooms in a spicy curry sauce flavoured with coconut milk & lemongrass

Chicken 10.00 | Beef 11.00 | King Prawn 11.00


Tremendous rice dishes

Whether it’s boiled or fried rice, these dishes are very tasty and enough to satisfy the biggest appetite!

Katsu Ga Lay Fan

Your choice of chicken or vegetables coated in Japanese breadcrumbs served with mild curry sauce on a bed of boiled rice

Chicken 9.50 | Veggie 9.50

Chow Fan

Your choice of meat or vegetable egg fried rice with fresh chillies, spring onion, carrots & peppers

Chicken 10.00 | King Prawn 11.00 | Beef 11.00 | Veggie 10.00

Sweet Chilli

Lightly battered chicken pieces or king prawns in a sweet chilli sauce served on a bed of boiled rice

Chicken 10.00 | King Prawn 11.00


Grilled meat on a bed of veggies with a sweet & savoury teriyaki sauce served with garlic fried rice

Chicken 12.00 | King Prawn 13.00 | Beef 14.00

Hoi Seen Chow Fan *Limited Time Only* 12.00

Egg fried rice with spring onion, king prawns, squid, eel & fish roe

Brimming Broth Noodle Bowls

Our home-made broths are made using authentic ingredients and served with fresh noodles. Delicious hearty meals full of goodness

Katsu Ramen *NEW* 

Thin egg noodles in a spicy peanut satay broth served with a half hard boiled egg, green beans, Japanese fishcake & beansprouts with your choice of meat coated in Japanese breadcrumbs

Chicken 10.00 | King Prawn 11.00

Tom Yum Udon *NEW*

Thick white noodles in a spicy tangy broth flavoured with lemongrass, lime & chilli served with a half hard boiled egg, straw mushrooms, mangetout & baby corn

Chicken 10.00 | King Prawn 11.00 | Beef 11.00





Kids meals

We have three options for your wee ones!

Wee Wu Chicken 5.95

Egg fried rice with shredded chicken, sweetcorn & spring onion.

Wee Wu Crispy 5.95

Crispy chicken coated in Japanese breadcrumbs served with white boiled rice.

Wee Wu Noodles 5.95

Chicken stir fried with thin egg noodles, carrots, beansprouts, onions, peppers & spring onions.




Sushi - fantastically fresh & raw salmon

An exciting selection of Sashimi, Maki, Nigiri and Dragon Maki.

Sake Sashimi 6.50

Slices of salmon (x4)

Sake Maki 3.50

Filled with salmon (x4)

Sake Nigiri 3.70

Layered with salmon (x2)

Dragon Maki 5.30

King prawn tempura layered with salmon & sprinkled with sesame (x4)

Fire Cracker Maki 5.50

Salmon & apple in spicy kimchi sauce rolled in tempura flakes & chilli pepper (x4)

Caterpillar Maki 5.50

King prawn tempura with green bean, layered with avocado (x4)

Sushi - raw tuna

Maguro Maki 3.50

Filled with tuna (x4)

Maguro Nigiri 3.70

Layered with tuna (x2)

Golden Koi Maki 5.50

Tuna in chilli mayo rolled in sesame & topped with shredded sweet potato (x4)

Maguro Sashimi 6.50

Slices of tuna (x4)

Sushi Maki rolls

Choose from delicious veggie, chicken or seafood Maki.

Cucumber Maki 2.50 (vegan)


Avocado Maki 2.50 (vegan)


Tori Katsu 4.50

Chicken in breadcrumbs with mild curry sauce (x4)

Tori Kimchi 4.50

Chicken with spicy sauce deep fried in a light batter sprinkled with spring onion (x4)

California 4.50

Crab stick, avocado & Japanese omelette rolled in fish roe (x4)

Dreamy desserts

Finish your meal with something sweet and delicious.

Hot Chocolate Rolls 5.50

Nutella chocolate wrapped in pastry served with coconut & chocolate chip ice cream

Dorayaki 5.50

Warm Japanese pancakes sandwiched with a sweet chocolate filling served with vanilla ice cream

Mochi 3.70

Two frozen Japanese desserts made of sticky glutinous rice filled with Razuberi (raspberry) or Chokoreto (chocolate) (your choice of flavours)

Japanese Ice Cream 3.50

Green Tea or Black Sesame(your choice of 2 scoops)



Choose from our range of hand shaken iced teas, soft drinks, beer, plum wine, sake and exotic cocktails!

Non-Alcoholic Chilled Drinks

Hand Shaken Iced Drinks

Lemon Iced Tea 2.50

Peach Iced Tea 2.75

Raspberry & Lemon Iced Tea 2.95

Mint & Elderflower Iced Tea 2.95

Soft Drinks (330ml) 1.00

Coke, Diet Coke, Irn Bru, 7up

Bottle of Still or Sparkling Water (750ml) 1.50

Ramune (200ml) 2.50

Japanese strawberry flavoured soda with a fun marble

Peroni Libera 0.0% Alcohol Free Lager (330ml) 3.00

Alcoholic Chilled Drinks

Asahi Beer (330ml) 3.00

Tiger Beer (330ml) 3.00

Ozeki Saki (180ml) 5.50

Dry & delicate on the palate with a full–bodied flavour & well balanced aroma. Served chilled or warm

Hakutsuru Japanese Plum Wine (750ml) 19.00

Refreshing, slightly tart, semi-sweet, sour taste and well-matured aroma from plum fruit.

Cocktails *Special Offer: 2 for £10*

Tarty Wu 5.50

A sweet & sour match of vodka, raspberry liqueur & amaretto topped with lemonade

Manga 5.50

An exotic cocktail of vodka, lychee liqueur, mango with a hint of ginger

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