A Cup of Tea Makes Everything Better

New Orange Oolong tea, Chocolate Chai tea and White Melon Tea on the menu!

Can’t We All Just Get Oolong?

Guaranteed to satisfy and create harmony, our new Orange Oolong tea is combined with orange peel and natural flavours, giving it a light, airy character with delicate orange flavour. Orange Oolong tea is refreshing and exotic and the aroma will leave others wondering what's in your cup.

Chocolate Chai Tea

Satisfy your inner chocolate lover with our decadent Chocolate Chai tea. Velvety and smooth, this soothing black tea blended with rich Indian spice, vanilla and chocolate is a sensory treat any time, day or night. Warm your heart and hands with perfection in a cup.

White Melon Tea

The honeydew was prized by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago for its sweet, succulent flavor and cooling, hydrating properties. The flavour profile of melon blends seamlessly with the soft, sweet notes of our rare, lightly caffeinated Chinese white tea. Delicious.


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